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Stade de France - Paris - France

Photos and thoughts on new stadium: Thanks to Ed Messenger

"This stadium is the most convincing argument in favour of demolishing Wembley that I have seen or heard.

After last May Wembley (Watford vs. Bolton) was still fresh in my mind, and it doesn't show up well. I realise that it is 80 years old and shows it.

The only answer is complete redevelopment. In all my years of following the beautiful game I've seen a fair cross section of grounds and after the Taylor report they've all tried to upgrade. It's no coincidence that the new grounds win hands down over the revamped. Remember the all-seater at Kenilworth Road, Roots Hall etc. and then look at the Stadium of Light, and the Reebok (to name just 2). The only duff one is Sixfields. Being quite tall and quite broad it's no good giving me a seat I can't fit into set close to the guy in front so that if I can sit down my knees bash has brains out. The Stade de France has wide seats with leg room such that you can barely reach the guy in front. The bars and restaurants look good, although I wasn't there on a match day so didn't see them operate. I will, however, lay a bet a small bottle of warm lager doesn't cost 2".

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