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Boca Juniors - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Photos and reminiscences: Thanks to Ed Messenger

You may care to see the attached photos taken during a trip to Argentina when we spent some time in Buenos Aires. The big regret was that we were not there whilst a match was on. The visit was in January, 1998.

The Boca Juniors ground is situated in one of the poorest parts of Buenos Aires, where there are many illegal immigrants living, mainly Paraguayans. This used to be the docks area and much like it's counterpart in London is now a dead area as far as work etc is concerned. Very near the ground is the area known as Caminita. This is one of the most photographed areas in Buenos Aires. The local council in an effort to stop the area becoming a complete slum offers a prize to the prettiest house.

The ground itself is ok but like most of our top grounds a few years ago well past the 'sell by date'. One is left to imagine those terraces during a night match with fire crackers and streamers etc. Boca Juniors are the working man's team whereas River Plate is the upper class club. We didn't have time to visit River Plate. As you can imagine there is much animosity between them. We asked how you decide which to support and were told 'you don't pick your team it picks you'. And we thought England was class ridden!

During the same trip we visited the Stadium Nacional in Santiago, Chile. We could get no pictures as 'U2' were in concert that night and they wouldn't let us in. We also watched the England v Chile game at Wembley in Chile TV in a bar in downtown Santiago. We got a lot of stick, as you would imagine, although nothing nasty.

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